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Preparing Your House for Sale

Posted by Walter Minzenmay on 9 February 2016

First impressions count!

How many times have we heard this, whether it's meeting some for the first time, applying for a job or selling your house.

Selling your house certainly ranks up there as one of the biggest events you'll undertake in your life and not being prepared for it can make the difference between getting the price you want or not and even worse, sold versus not being able to sell.

So here are 5 tips to ensure you stand a better than even chance of not only selling, yet also getting the price you want for your house.


We're not talking about a complete landscape overall here.  However, do make sure the lawn is manicured, i.e. grass is cut, weeds and dead shrubs pulled out, some fresh new flowers in pots and so on.  The first thing buyers will see is the state of the lawns and garden creating a positive impression starts here.

Be Handy

Whether you're hand or not, make sure all those 'little' things are fixed around the house.  For example, the gurgling toilet, the gate that won't shut properly, faulty lights and so on.  These little, yet forgotten things can distract a potential buyer.  If the lights aren't working and the toilet is gurgling, this will only make the buyer look for more things that need fixing.  So, fix those 'little' things.

Furniture Layout

Surveys have shown that the proper layout of furniture in your home has a remarkable impact on first impressions.  One of these is to make sure the backs of lounges and sofas do not face you when you first walk in.  Doing so gives an impression of being closed off and actually makes the room seem smaller and constrictive.  Take time to reorganise the layout so that it sends the message of WELCOME!

Clean Up

Clean up and de-clutter.  Put away all the bits & bobs lying around.  It's amazing how many people don't clean and tidy up prior to home showing.  Prospective buyers want to visualise themselves living in this house, not focusing on the stack of magazines in the corner or the printer sitting on the floor.  Put out fresh flowers in a simple vase, air the place, and clean the bathrooms, layout fresh towels and close toilet seat covers.  Again, simple steps which many people miss.

Light, Light and More Light

Make sure all the lights work in the house.  The house should be filled with as much natural light as possible.  One way is to ensure all your windows are sparkling clean.  Time and time again people will go to all the trouble of cleaning, painting and landscaping and forget about the windows!  Clean windows not only let light in, they also open up the house to the outside world.  What could be worse than having an ocean vista only to have to look through smudgy and grimy windows.  So, don't' forget about having your windows cleaned before you put up the for sale sign.

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Author: Walter Minzenmay
About: Walter is a consummate professional who prides himself on his workmanship. Walter has been professionally cleaning windows, fly screens, eaves and sills for over 20 years.
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How many times have we heard this, whether it's meeting so...


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