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Posted by Walter Minzenmay on 9 February 2016

Many people don't clean their windows for the simple reason that they can't.

They can't because it may involve reaching heights that require specialised equipment as well as experienced professionals.

Many believe all that's needed to clean their windows is a bucket and a squeegee.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Not knowing what you are doing when it comes to cleaning windows at heights runs the risk of serious injuries.

There are countless stories of weekend injuries involving people climbing up rickety ladders onto slopped roofs that may be slippery from water only to lose their footing and end up seriously hurting themselves.

Like any job, preparation, experience and the right equipment is key to getting the job done in a safe manner.

Window cleaning may sound like an easy task, however, think for one moment what's required to carry out this 'simple' task.

First, the equipment; you'll need extendable poles with attachments for cleaning heads capable of connecting with water taps.  Ladders need to be extendable with rubber footings to ensure they stand stable regardless of loading.  And finally, proper cleaning solutions that don't streak or leave water marks.

Then comes the experience; professional window cleaners have climbed onto numerous roofs and know what to expect whereas the weekend window cleaner may be doing this for the first time.  It's this experience that ensure the job gets done both professionally and safely.

Unless you know what you are doing, don't risk it, call on a professional window cleaner who has the right equipment, experience and track record.

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Author: Walter Minzenmay
About: Walter is a consummate professional who prides himself on his workmanship. Walter has been professionally cleaning windows, fly screens, eaves and sills for over 20 years.
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Many people don't clean their windows for the simple reason that they can't.
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